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Clever Ploys

There’s so much on the great plate of life,
How do we sort it out?
Where’s the route?

Can we ignore what we abhor
Or should we shout it out?

Perhaps we conspire
To hide from what inspires
To confound being found out.

Without our toys & clever ploys
We might stand naked before the crowd.

Be brave. Stay true.
Freedom from such heresy is long overdue.


Temporary Guise

3xNnUzRYPenetrate the illusion
That you are anyone at all.
Your image in the mirror is
A temporary guise
For the Source
You’ve been seeking
In the dream
You’ve been dreaming.

Awaken now.
This is your chance.

Excerpt from ONLY THIS



Is God yours?
Or is the God you claim
A shrink-to-fit rendition?
You’re not wrong to name
The God you think is so
As your very own.
But rest assured,
It’s one you will outgrow.

Excerpt from THE END OF TIME


Hand It Over

3xNnUzRYWhen you find yourself in the middle of a longstanding, gnarly dilemma, and you can’t find your way out, hand it over. As Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

After all, you’re at the heart of the dilemma. Hand it to your Higher Self, Soul, Atman, Deliverer. Trust that this problem will be addressed without any interference from you. You don’t have to figure anything out. You’ve already tried. This takes discipline because your mind will try to wrestle with it one more time. But you’re not the problem solver, at least not this time. If you were, you’d be done with it by now. Let go.

Eventually an insight will occur to you, more ease will overtake you, a way through will show itself. Extend your gratitude. Faith is on its way.

Lasting Prosperity

daffodilsYou think what you have defines your worth,
That you’re not good enough,
Can’t love well enough
And are not loved.
You forget how valuable you already are.

Deep inside is the gold you seek.
In your depths is the love you think is lacking.
Stop claiming you are not loved.
You are Love itself!
Dismantle your belief to the contrary.

Love is the key
To lasting prosperity,
To everything you hope to achieve.
Make it supreme.



Kiss of Grace

orchgrncattleya450It’s that moment when you realize that everything is just the way it needs to be. Even things that seem unworkable, painful and hard to face. Somehow it all fits together because there’s more to our world than how we see it. Our view is limited; our understanding, meager. But, in its midst, is this great love that takes us through every day and beyond. If we stay with that love, we become whole, in awe of creation and each other.