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Lasting Prosperity

daffodilsYou think what you have defines your worth,
That you’re not good enough,
Can’t love well enough
And are not loved.
You forget how valuable you already are.

Deep inside is the gold you seek.
In your depths is the love you think is lacking.
Stop claiming you are not loved.
You are Love itself!
Dismantle your belief to the contrary.

Love is the key
To lasting prosperity,
To everything you hope to achieve.
Make it supreme.



nothing 492_pe

It’s in that deep quiet,
Those undisturbed moments
Where the numinous is born, and
The liminal welcomes insights
Aching for new form.

A gentle nudge,
An opening long overdue
Stir deep within.
Give them diligence and prayer.

Then follow what’s prescribed
By the Knower you’ve longed for,
The One deep inside.
Grab His hand.
Follow His lead
Along the path only He can see.

This is the way to galaxies and dreams,
Meant for those who know what they mean.

Excerpt from DEEPER STILL

The Fish & The Ocean

blue-fishSkip The Climb

Sink into your depths.
The Immensity of Being
Awaits your receipt.

Some call it God,
Others, Nirvana,
Heaven or bliss.
Yet it remains Nameless,
Beyond analysis.

Let go.
Skip the climb.
The summit’s an illusion.
Ever the optimist seeking
The God of contemplation
You still think you’re the fish
Who can nail the Ocean.

Excerpt from ONLY THIS


brilliantbutrfly220Ask without resistance.
Impedance comes from you.
Creator’s best wishes are your due.
Is this what you believe?
Give yourself a reprieve.
Let the Cosmic See do its job.
End your struggle to survive.
How can I? I’m still deprived.
Switch to unbridled peace –
It’s Love’s gift of ease.
New ventures can enter
When God’s your mentor.
Be quick. Be nimble.
Loving kindness is yours to kindle.

Excerpt from DEEPER STILL