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Clever Ploys

There’s so much on the great plate of life,
How do we sort it out?
Where’s the route?

Can we ignore what we abhor
Or should we shout it out?

Perhaps we conspire
To hide from what inspires
To confound being found out.

Without our toys & clever ploys
We might stand naked before the crowd.

Be brave. Stay true.
Freedom from such heresy is long overdue.


Temporary Guise

3xNnUzRYPenetrate the illusion
That you are anyone at all.
Your image in the mirror is
A temporary guise
For the Source
You’ve been seeking
In the dream
You’ve been dreaming.

Awaken now.
This is your chance.

Excerpt from ONLY THIS


Bet on You

Bet on yourself and give it your all. If you don’t, who will? Take the chance and follow through. Up the ante. Add more to the pot. Keep stirring the cauldron until love wins out.


Even without the right words,
The heart’s aspiration is enough.
Raise your sights.
Then raise them again.
Become the One
Through whom all is done.

Excerpt from LIVING PRAYER


Step Aside


Live in service.
Don’t live to serve.
Stand at the ready.
Wait for the call.
Don’t think you know
How someone else must grow.
Kindness will sow the seed
For the healing that must be.
Step aside.
Demolish pride.
Let love create the deed.


Can’t Get Started?

ice-caves-eisriesenwelt-2Can’t find the time…or can’t find the vein? The mother lode you’re looking for lies deep beneath the surface. Put aside your concerns. Place your attention in the depths of your psyche; then go even deeper.

Dive into the world of the Story. The daily grind will fall away. Characters will introduce themselves. Conflicts will develop. Unexpected events will take shape. Follow the story’s twists and turns. Mine them for the gold they contain. In the process, you’ll discover new ways to convey the power of human experience and that will change you.

Bank on it.


The Webs We Weave

This spider web reminds me of our desire to matter, our yearning to become more than we’ve been, to repair what’s been torn, to recover what’s been lost.

If you want to write a story your readers won’t forget, tap this yearning. Let it matter. You may hesitate to trust its munificent force, but it will deliver you to shores you wouldn’t otherwise reach. And there’ll be no going back.

You’ll be grateful you took the trip, because the journey will change you for the better. How lucky you are – a creative soul endowed with the ability to innovate, to soar, to dive deep, to leave a legacy for others to enjoy. So take a chance. Don’t let this ship sail without you, because this journey will deliver the transformational power you’ve been hoping for.