Human Vessel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Empty your mind. Become a vessel for the Divine. Put your affairs aside and listen to a deeper voice. Rest assured your ego will assert itself, but that’s not news. What will be new is how your life changes.

Your left brain will tag along, but it won’t be in the lead. You’ll let go of ‘should’ and ‘have to’. You’ll detach from your day-to-day identity more and more and acquire greater depth. Your need for recognition, applause, compensation or achievement will diminish.

The Divine will assume a larger place in your life until it becomes the way your life works. Whatever type of creative work you do – the service you perform in the world – will be guided more and more by a Higher Power. This will become second nature, and there’s the rub. Don’t take this opportunity for granted. Treasure the gift that only deepens. You’ll give thanks for it every day, until, of course, you couldn’t be more grateful.

“True art awakens the Extraordinary Ovation.”
– Hafiz, 14th century Persian mystic and poet, some called the ‘Tongue of the Invisible’
Translated by Daniel Ladinksy.