Creative Matrimony

“The object isn’t to make art,
it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.”
Robert Henri

The characters in your story ask for your hand in creative matrimony. You say yes, not realizing what you’ve committed to. Until you find yourself enthralled by the characters that appear on the page and the dilemmas with which they struggle. They’ll tell you where they’re headed and how it will all turn out, but only as you move forward. There are no prelims or sneak peeks. They bring you along as the spectator in a landscape of their design.

The story has a unique mission. It’s your job to present it. Trust the process and you just might succeed. If you try to control the tale, you’ll fail, because you’ll miss the organic depths your story can reach – where memorable insights take shape. Some of those insights just might change a few lives.

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