Praise for The Mystical Traveler Series:

“Fawn Moran is further confirmation of the saying that the gods are not illiterate… even when they speak in an esoteric key. The poems gathered in her Mystical Traveler series were received in states of silent ecstasy, much like certain writings of the feminine mystics of the Middle Ages. Not only do they bear the marks of that heterodox strain of Christianity—they uncannily whisper of a mysterious, divine presence so close as to be within, even as it is beyond everything in this world—but they do so in a voice influenced by an eclectic, lifelong spiritual itinerary. A longtime HIV activist, Fawn founded during the height of the AIDS crisis the first publishing house producing educational literature for the clinics that were ground zero in the struggle for the lives of gay men. After watching her friends slowly die from the disease and having her own unresolved traumas rise again, she went on an inner quest to know herself that brought her face to face with death before leaving her transformed: serene, less attached, and, dare I say, a bit wise. I encountered her while doing ethnographic research on channeling, and came to trust her discerning, profound perspective, which can be heard throughout these little books. Those who know they are lost can find some light here, along with an invitation to not fear the unknown paths ahead.”
~ Peter Skafish, Anthropologist, Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale, Collège de France

Reviews for Only This & Ever Deeper: Nothing Less Will Do:

“In her preface to EVER DEEPER: NOTHING LESS WILL DO, Fawn Moran tells us that “words surfaced with a cadence…all their own,” and some “took the form of letters from an unseen friend.” In reading them, she counsels, “It’s the resonance you’re after.” Indeed…the best way to engage this work for most of us is likely to find a quiet space and read a phrase or more every so often, to reflect and let the words reverberate over a time frame grounded in the now.

The words in EVER DEEPER are subtle. Thus, your mind should help you create the space to read and listen, after which you’re advised to set it aside (count on the mind resisting). While EVER DEEPER will carry some across the bridge into the land of non-duality—perhaps in a blink—it will surely place those who approach it with an open heart solidly on the path AND catalyze the journey in small or great ways for those already headed in that direction.

…Ms. Moran and I met in San Francisco in the mid-seventies and became friends. Even then it was obvious that she was gifted with a sensitivity, a receptivity to channels that saw and felt things that few of us did. Nearly forty years later, that sensitivity and receptivity has taken the form of EVER DEEPER. But be clear that she does not inhabit solely ethereal realms. Her years-long work bringing assistance and compassion to AIDS sufferers and the homeless, and her commitment to dirtying her hands in multiple organic gardens so that those in her community can eat more healthfully, make it evident that she is a woman grounded in both heaven and earth. It behooves each of us, therefore, to take advantage of the light that EVER DEEPER avails.”
~ Robert Black, a learning specialist for middle and high school students, and adjunct creative writing professor at NYU

“‘Perhaps the primal cause…Of All That Is…Is the Awareness… Within all Creation.’ If those words interest you, this collection is for you. Fawn Moran has managed to distill so much wisdom into phrases that open doors that we thought were closed. Reading her words, or better still, reading them out loud, brings a resonance in the heart that remains. The distillation has clearly come from many hours of plumbing her own depths. This is not a collection of ideas—it’s a collection of Truth revealed. Try it. You might end up becoming what you were seeking.“
~ Mary-Margaret Moore, Spiritual teacher, workshop leader, personal counselor and author of the Bartholomew books

“Moran’s collection Ever Deeper is poetry after my own heart. I fell in love with it from the very first. There are many deep, philosophical poems that will set you to thinking. There are light-hearted poems, and poems to soothe the soul. Most of the poems in this collection deal with knowing and appreciating the Divine Spark within. Illusion is another theme that runs through the book.

I write poetry, and I tend towards the spiritual, philosophical, and the cynical, so I clicked with these poems right away. There is a beauty to Moran’s poems that can be appreciated even if one does not share the same world-view as the poet. Many of the more philosophical poems in this collection put me in mind of the great poet Rumi…If you like the spiritual, and like to ponder deeper questions, pick up a copy of Moran’s Ever Deeper today. Take the time to savour each poem for the divine offering it is. Take a poem a day and marinate with it. Journal your thoughts. You are sure to grow in the process, and expand your way of thinking. If you shatter some of your own illusions, so much the better!”
~ Reader’s Favorite   

“Every once in a while, a collection of verse is written that has a universal metre — a purity and simplicity that transcends cultures and speaks to everyone, regardless of nationality, sex, creed, or any other differentiator. ‘ONLY THIS’ by Fawn Moran is just such a work.

She imparts inspiration in many of poems, such as in “The Summons:” “Heed without hesitation / All That Is invites / Your participation./ But don’t look back. / The future you dream of / Isn’t behind you.”

In “Rise,” the message is also uplifting: “The deeper you go / The higher you will rise. / But don’t be fooled. / There’s much to apprise. / Pain, sorrow, fear, turmoil / Keep you at bay. / Face them before it’s too late. / A life-changing breakthrough is on its way. / The love you’re made of / Will take their place.”

On the subject of love, in “Take a Chance:” “Love won’t betray you / Or leave you in the dust. / Claim the courage you’ve denied – / Too broken to take a risk / Too angry to try, / Too fearful of failure – / You wouldn’t take a chance. / Courage leads to hidden treasure. / Invite the one who loves you / To share the adventure.”

And, finally, a poem about “Prayer:” “Prayer isn’t about things you want / Or wish to be. / It’s your ever present longing / For Divinity.”

Five stars for this fine collection of verse, and a heartfelt thanks to the author for committing such sincerity and insight to paper.”
~ Don Sloan, a former journalist with a major daily newspaper and is now a full-time indie book reviewer. He loves to write, read, drink good wine, and take short naps in front of his fireplace in the North Carolina mountains.